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Cast List Announced for “It’s a Wonderful Life”!

Director Pati Van Zante and Producer Holly Long-DeWolf have announced the cast list for Union Street Players holiday musical, It’s a Wonderful Life. Questions? Contact Pati Van Zante at pvzante@hotmail.com or 641-780-3190.

Character Actor/Actress
George Bailey Lonnie Appleby


Clare Odbody (Angel 2ndClass) Deb Linn


Mary Hatch/Bailey


Briana Heartsill
Henry F. Potter


Arvin Van Zante
Janie Bailey Zoie Winward
Young George/

Pete Bailey

Patrick Bishara
Tommy Bailey


Alex Bishara
Zuzu Bailey Annabelle Winward
Mother Bailey


Denise Gregory
Harry Bailey


Micah Heartsill
Uncle Billy


Doug DeWolf
Aunt Tilly


Sarah Purdy
Violet Peterson


Gillian Howard
Mr. Gower


Spence Ver Meer
Miss Carter


Stephanie Lantz
Mrs. Hatch Holly Long-DeWolf
Sam Wainwright Aaron Smith


Mr. Potter’s Secretary Tianna Loftis




Jim Palmer


Arlyn Stuart
Miss Andrews


Jennifer Palmer
Mrs. Thompson


Ann Forrester
Mr. Welch


Simon Vos
Townsperson/Welch’s Daughter Hope Vos
Mr. Martini


Daryl Gates
Mrs. Martini


Amy Blanton
Townsperson/Zuzu Understudy/Martini Child Sophie Blanton
Newspaper Boy/Martini child Porter Haug
Townsperson/Newsboy Helper/Martini child Alise Haug
Townsperson/Martini child Olivia Marstall
Townsperson/Martini child Tatum Tierney
Townsperson/Martini child Elisabeth Pumphrey
Townsperson/Martini child Josephine McDonald
Townsperson Karin Koeper
Townsperson Jaydyn Koeper

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