2010 Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web Weaves Fun for All


Union Street Players delighted audiences with this summer's production of Charlotte's Web. The classic tale by E.B. White about a pig named Wilbur and the Spider who saves his life was a big hit with every generation. Lisa Morgan made her directoral debut with USP (daughter, Jalissa, assisted) and did a great job with the cast which spanned a wide range of ages and experience levels.

Charlotte's Web had a five show run. The Wednesday night performance was unique compared to most USP shows which run from Thursday through Sunday. Marion County Bank requested a Wednesday performance so they could provide an evening of family entertainment for their employees. USP agreed to the show and opened it up to the public. The early opening night became the highest attended performance.

Kudos to cast and crew for making Charlotte's Web another successful show for USP!

Attendance for the show:

Wed:   201
Thu: 160
Fri:  164
Sat: 124
Sun: 191

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2010 Charlotte's Web

USP’s “Charlotte’s Web” Spins into Production

Union Street Players is into production of "Charlotte's Web." The show is being directed by Lisa Morgan with Deb Linn and Anne McCullough Kelly co-producing.

Director: Lisa K Morgan
Assistant Director: Jalissa Morgan
Co-Producers: Anne MCCullough Kelly and Deb Linn
Technical Managers: Arvin Van Zante and Cody Kooi

Our Cast is:
Fern Arable: Jessi Vos
John Arable: Doug De Wolf
Martha Arable: Amanda Gross
Avery Arable: Caleb Blom
Homer Zuckerman: Greg May
Edith Zuckerman: Lori Pearson
Lurvy: Calvin Van Donselaar
Young Wilbur: Zach Van Donselaar
Older Wilbur: Michael Still
Templeton: Lauren Ashworth
Charlotte: Maggie-Anne Landon
Goose: Connie Jagau
Gander: Jim Emmert
Sheep: Brenda Becker
Lamb: Mallory Wheeler
Chorus Member 1: Kelly Anderson
Chorus Member 2: Amber Attema
Chorus Member 3: Austin Davis
Reporter: Megan Malloy
Photographer: Ciera Kooyman
Spectator 1: Jalayna Morgan
Spectator 2: Abby Gross
Judges: Austin Rozendaal, Melissa Malloy, Sarah Davis
Fairgoer 1: Scott Malloy
Fairgoer 2: Mackenzie Becker
Fairgoer 3: Elyse Parisee
Voice/Announcer: Sydney Swanson
Uncle: Jacob Cowman
Spider 1 (Joy): Hannah Emmert
Spider 2 (Aranea): Mandolin Holmes
Spider 3 (Nellie): Jaden Joy Morgan
Crowd Members: Jessica Anderson, Brody Doren, Mai Yang
Baby Spiders: Camryn Norton, Megan Kooker, Emily Rozendaal, Alaina Rahn, Mariah Kooyman, Sarah Peterson, Cole Swanson, Tori Swanson, Jacey Davis, Hannah Blom, Brittny Van Donselaar, Ben Vos, Chloe Morgan, Grace Emmert