It’s a Wonderful Life

Adapted by Doug Rand
Directed by Pati Van Zante

Audition Dates: September 11, 12, 16
Performances: Dec 1-3; 5; 8-10, 2017

George Bailey finds himself at the end of his rope on Christmas Eve. Feeling his life was worthless and wishing he’d never been born, George’s desperate prayer for help is answered in the form of a guardian angel named Clarence. To earn his wings, Clarence must pull George out of his despair. He decides to let George see just what the lives of his friends and loved ones would have looked like had he not been there for them. USP brings this enchanting story to the Pella stage just in time for Christmas 2017!

2018 Productions

Spring: Twelve Angry Men (Directed by Spence Ver Meer)
Summer: Kiss Me Kate (Directed by Pati Van Zante)


All information on this page is subject to change without notice. Tickets are available on-line or through the USP Box Office approximately 30 days before the show  641-204-1094.  All shows, dates, and ticket prices are subject to change.  For more information please email



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