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the 2019 season has shifted.

Leaving Iowa and Mamma Mia! are cancelled.

Due to a mixture of challenges Union Street Players has shifted their 2019 season to offer Stage a musical/drama review of select past USP performances and Beauty and the Beast pending securing of rights.

Please stay tuned for details.

Those with coupons to shows specifically for Leaving Iowa and/or Mamma Mia! will be honored for Stage and Beauty and the Beast.

00 News & Updates, 2018 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Closes.

Mermaid Cast Photo

mermaid mix

From the beautiful and complex costumes, the wonderful singing and acting, through to the overall visual spectacle, Union Street Players’ production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid delighted our audiences young and old! Again, USP celebrated a host of new actors who have never before performed on our stage along with our seasoned actors who regularly contribute to our productions.  It was a tremendous undertaking but thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, we stretched our limits once again to bring a strong performance to our beloved audience!

A special “Thank You!” to the cast and crew, our directors and producers, parents and guardians, and everyone else who helped in ways big and small to bring this production to our stage!


Tuesday, November 27 – 104

Friday, November 30 – 224

Saturday, December 1 – 225

Sunday, December 2 – 305

Thursday, December 6 – 179

Friday, December 7 – 268

Saturday, December 8 – 274

Sunday, December 9 – 336

Total: 1915

00 News & Updates

USP Awards Night

Over 80 people attended the annual Union Street Players Awards night on October 6th at the Pella Golf and Country Club. (Photos to follow soon)

Wendy Vander Well was inducted into our USP Walk of Fame in honor of her outstanding contributions to the organization over a span of 14 years! Contributions include being a member of the USP Board of Directors from 2004-2017, Treasurer from 2007-2017, Makeup designer, in charge of Front of House, Set crew, Props Master, Producer, Assistant Director, Director, and performed in 13 roles according to the USP Database. In addition, she is responsible for creating our Walk of Fame awards night, and moving the organization to online ticket sales. There was a standing ovation for Wendy’s induction as a heartfelt thank you for her work.

For the second year, the USPy Awards were given honoring the outstanding contributions of cast and crew members from last year’s productions of:

It’s a Wonderful Life, 12 Angry Men, and Kiss me, Kate!

The USPy winners are:

Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role – Lonnie Appleby as George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life

Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role – Lynn Cooper as Lilli Vanessi/Katharine in Kiss Me, Kate

Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role – Danny Rivas as Juror #7 in 12 Angry Men

Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role – Denise Gregory as Mother Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life

Outstanding Young Performer – Annabelle Winward as Zuzu in It’s a Wonderful Life

Outstanding Newcomer – Justin Lenger as Juror #5 in 12 Angry Men

Outstanding Direction – Spence Ver Meer for 12 Angry Men

Outstanding Production – It’s a Wonderful Life

Outstanding Technical Achievement – Mat Kelly for Set Design in It’s a Wonderful Life

Outstanding Ensemble – Danny Rivas and Robert Uy as Gangsters 1 and 2 in Kiss Me, Kate

Outstanding Crew Member for It’s a Wonderful Life – Leigh Rasmussen

Outstanding Crew Member for 12 Angry Men – Jim Emmert

Outstanding Crew Member for Kiss Me, Kate – Holly Long-DeWolf and Denise Gregory

00 News & Updates, 2018 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid has been cast!

LMMaid vend

Director:  Deb Linn – Producer: Denise Gregory

Ariel – Kaitlyn Collin

Prince Eric – Michael Howland

King Triton – Danny Rivas

Grimsby – Jim Palmer

Ursula – Phyllis Beyer

Sebastian – Brad Rozenboom

Scuttle – Denise Gregory

Flounder – Sami Clark

Flotsam – Mia Andringa

Jetsam – McKenna Evans

Winward – Griffin Turner

Leeward – Hope Vos

Chef Louis – Doug Dewolf



Sarah Purdy

Taylor Decious

Sarah Maxwell

Emily Cutler

Katie Williams

Kathryn Andringa


Sailors/Sous Chef:

Pilot – Mark Schaefer

Arlyn Stuart

Chris Brown

Scott Vandenberg

Spence Vermeer

Jim Emmert

Dayrel Gates

Doug Dewolf



Sarah Dron

Lynn Cutler

Hanna Sampsel

Zarah Van Dyke



Karen Ryals

Marti Zylstra


Sea Creatures/Merfolk

Amaya Cervantes

Carlyn Henry

Claire Braafhart

Kate Braafhart

Jessa DeNooy

Raegan Decious

Josephine McDonald

Kadin Ryals

Della Hesseltine

Rashaun Boyer

Aurelia Zylstra

L. Ver Meer

Kristina Mullen

Kenzie Kanis

Kelly Dykema

00 News & Updates, 2018 Kiss me, Kate

Kiss me, Kate closes.


Kiss me, Kate featured fabulous costumes, great music and the fantastic voices of a cast who clearly enjoyed every minute of the performances. We think our audiences enjoyed the shows very much too. Once again we were lucky to have so many talented actors and crew members help us bring this production to life!

As the director, Pati Van Zante noted “This has been a fun and challenging musical production, Mr. Porter has provided a wide range of musical challenges and this cast has risen to those challenges. Special thanks to vocal directors Spence Ver Meer and Kathy Haug for setting the bar so high, and getting us all up and over, to Tyler Coleman for working with the score and orchestra recording to bring a full digital orchestera to this USP production, and to my producers, Denise Gregory and Holly DeWolf whose help and mad organizational skills have made this production and the director’s sanity possible. Thanks to a talented, dedicated cast, crew and production staff.”

I would also like to add a special thanks to our audience members who attended our production and helped spread the word! We sincerely hope you enjoyed the show!



Friday, July 27 – 98

Saturday, July 28 – 77

Sunday, July 29 – 71

Tuesday, July 31 – 79

Friday, August 3 – 102

Saturday, August 4 – 93

Sunday, August 5 – 79

Total of 599 attendees