2019 Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast closes!


Humor, drama, and action were all woven into the well known touching love story  Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Brought to life with the many talents of this cast and crew, The wonderful voices, beautiful costumes, and the complex set,  delighted audiences of all ages.

From the director: “This show was created for you, the audience member, with love and many hours of hard work from this cast and crew. My title may be Director, but I am little more than the conduit as this has truly been the collaborative effort of many talented people! I could not do what I do without the laughter and the support of an entertaining and gifted cast and crew. I am so grateful to each and every on of them!”



Friday, July 26 – 170

Saturday, July 27 – 137

Sunday, July 28 – 209

Tuesday, July 30 – 151

Thursday, August 1 – 148

Friday, August 2 – 151

Saturday, August 3 – 147

Sunday, August 4 – 239

Total – 1352