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USP needs your help!

Union Street Players is looking for nominees to be members of our Board of Directors starting September 1st! Please send an email to usppresident@gmail.com to let us know what position you would be interested in running for by August 5th. At our August 12th membership meeting in room 206 of the Pella Community Center, we will vote to fill the positions of President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and three “at-large” positions.

Description of duties is below. Should you have any questions, please contact us at usppresident@gmail.com.

The President shall preside at the general membership meetings and those of the Board of Directors. The President shall have voting power at all meetings. The President shall appoint members to fill vacant unexpired terms of any officer and board member, with the approval of the Board of Directors. The President shall form and appoint an auditing committee to audit the Treasurer’s books at the close of each term of office. The President shall be responsible for assigning Standing Committee responsibilities to Officers.

The Vice President shall take the place of the President when that officer is absent and shall assume the office of the President in the event that the President is unable to complete the term.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accurate record keeping of the monies of the organization and chairs the Finance Committee. The Treasurer shall receive all funds of the organization and shall maintain them in an account(s) in a local banking institution under the name of the organization. The Treasurer shall be authorized to make disbursements as approved by the Board of Directors in accordance with these By-Laws. The Treasurer shall be prepared to make a report of the financial status of the organization at each membership and Board meeting and to prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year. The Treasurer shall further be responsible for preparation and filing of pertinent tax records and reports, both Federal and State.

The Secretary shall keep a current and accurate mailing contact list and membership list of all members of the organization. The Secretary shall keep such other mailing lists as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for all correspondence and mailings done by the organization. The Secretary shall keep accurate records of attendance figures for all productions and a record of production participants. The Secretary shall maintain an accurate record of the proceedings of each membership meeting and Board of Directors meeting and shall promulgate information to the membership on a timely basis. The Secretary shall be responsible for notices to all members of meetings and other communications necessary for the operation of the organization. The Secretary shall be responsible for the notification of annual membership status to all members, and acknowledging all donations.

At large members will typically serve as Chair of one of our committees such as Production Committee, Events and Marketing Committee, Front of House Committee, Set and Materials Committee, Costume Shop Committee, Financial Committee, Technical Committee, Back Stage and Green Room Manager. The Chair is simply the point person for all that concerns their particular committee including recruiting members to their committee. Assignment of Chairs is done by the President based on the skills, abilities and best intentions of the members and volunteers in the organization.