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USP Annual Picnic & Elections Aug 14

Union Street Players, Pella’s award-winning community theatre, will hold our annual picnic and Board elections on Monday evening, August 14th at West Market Park. Everyone is welcome to join in on the food, fun, and future of USP whether a member or not. Bring a dish to share and drinks for your family. The meal begins at 6:00 with our meeting and elections for the 2017-2018 Board of Directors to begin somewhere around 6:45-7:00.

At the picnic we will publicly announce our 2017 inductee to the USP Walk of Fame, which is an honor bestowed by the current Board of Directors.

There will be a number of Board positions open this year. Any USP members interested in running for a Board position may submit their nomination to current Secretary, Kim Beyer (kim.beyer@comcast.net).

A Word About Membership

Only current USP adult members may vote in the election for our Board of Directors.  Over the past year, USP changed the designation of “member” to include any one who makes a qualifying tax-deductible donation of $10 or more to our non-profit organization. Those who, in the past, made donations and were considered “Patrons” are now considered active “Members” eligible to participate and vote at the annual meeting. A person’s “membership” starts when the donation is received and continues for one year from receipt. Any members who paid their qualifying $10 membership at last year’s annual picnic may simply pay $10 again at his year’s picnic to bring their membership current. If a member made a larger tax deductible contribution at the end of the 2016 calendar year, they are considered a current member for twelve months after the receipt of the last qualifying donation. Current Treasurer, Wendy Vander Well, will be collecting qualifying member donations at the meeting.

For more about member levels and incentives, please click here.

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