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Pella Veteran’s Uniform Stolen from Union Street Players

An authentic naval dress jacket & hat similar to the one worn by Tom Vander Well in the 2006 production of “The Christmas Post”, which belonged to naval veteran Jim Palmer (right, in brown hat) was stolen from the USP Green Room.

Sometime between Tuesday evening, November 8th and Thursday evening, November 10th someone stole several pieces of an authentic naval uniform from Union Street Players’s (USP’s) Green Room in the Pella Community Center. The uniform belonged to USP member Jim Palmer from his years serving our country as a pilot in the United States Navy. Palmer served on the USS Ranger aircraft carrier. Palmer, a member of the cast and crew of “The Christmas Post” had brought his old uniform to the community center to see if they could be used in the show.

“The Christmas Post” is USP’s holiday show and one of the characters runs a small town department store like a naval commander. The character, portrayed by Tom Vander Well, was utilizing Palmer’s dress uniform jacket and hat for his costume. Those two articles disappeared from the USP Green Room along with a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and wool overcoat that all belonged to Jim Palmer. A policeman’s hat, unrelated to Palmer’s uniform was also stolen.

Union Street Players is interested in finding and reclaiming the stolen pieces. If anyone has any information that might lead to their recovery, we encourage you to e-mail us at info@unionstreetplayers.com or call our box office at 641-204-1094.

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