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Costume Shop



USP Costume Shop: 641-628-1454

Costume Shop Hours: Saturdays 9 a.m. to Noon

Union Street Players is proud to have a Costume Shop that most communities would envy. The Costume Shop not only serves our award winning community theater, but also provides our entire community with quality, inexpensive costume rentals for:

  • Costume Parties
  • Halloween
  • School plays and projects
  • Church skits, plays, and musicals
  • Dances, formals, weddings

The Costume Shop’s regular hours are Saturday mornings from 9 – 12. Entrance to the shop is located at 901 Main Street, on the east side of the Tulip City Agency Building (which is located on the NE corner of the square). We’re right across from Casey’s.

Union Street Players is a non-profit organization and all proceeds from costume rentals are returned to USP for future productions. We graciously accept costume and vintage clothing donations. Basically, we like clothes that are really old, really ugly, really unique, or really beautiful. We’re grateful to the community for making the shop an ever-growing success.

Pati Van Zante, (641-780-3190 cell) has offered to voluntarily manage the Costume Shop for several years. Along with Pati, we have an all volunteer staff. Please call Pati to with inquiries.

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