2016 Almost Maine

“Almost, Maine” Cast Announcement

A note of thanks and respect to all who auditioned: Please allow me to thank each and every person who auditioned. Casting decisions are always difficult, and are not made lightly. I appreciate and respect your talent and your courage. Please let me know if you have any questions about your auditions—I welcome those conversations and would be happy to meet with you one-on-one to have a dialogue about your audition and my observations of them. Most importantly, thank you for actively participating in theatre.

Kevin McQuade

Almost, Maine
Cast and Production Staff




Man 1                               Tom Vander Well (Pete, Steve, Lendall, Randy, Daniel)

Man 2                               Spence Ver Meer (East, Jimmy, Chad, Phil, Dave)

Woman 1                         Wendy Vander Well (Ginette, Gayle, Hope)

Woman 2                         Jana De Zwarte (Marvalyn, Marci)

Woman 3                         Sara Collins (Glory, Waitress)

Woman 4                         Stephanie Lantz (Suzette, Rhonda)

Woman 5                         Ana Lucia Reigstad (Sandrine)

Guitar                               In discussion

Violin                                In discussion


Production Team


Director                            Kevin McQuade

Assistant Director/

Stage Manager                Alex Dean

Set Design                        Mat Kelly

Tech Director                   Curtis Brobst

Light Design                     TBA

Sound                               TBA

Costumes                         Linda McQuade

Props                                TBA

The first rehearsal will take place Tuesday, December 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the McQuade home at 201 Utrecht Laan in Pella. Directions will be sent under separate cover to the cast and production team. Please bring a pencil with an eraser and your calendar device (iPad, phone, actual paper calendar, etc.).

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