2014 Ham Buns and Potato Salad

“Ham Buns and Potato Salad” Ends Successful Premiere Run


2014 04 05 Ham Buns Tech Act 2152

On Sunday afternoon, Union Street Players lowered the curtain on our production of Ham Buns and Potato Salad. The show was a world premiere of an original script by local playwright Tom Vander Well. The play gets its title from the traditional meal served after funerals in small Iowa towns. It tells the story of a young man who returns to his hometown after twelve years and must face an unresolved scandal involving his childhood girlfriend and her daughter. Add a Jewish agent from New York and a local Vietnam vet who sends town members scrambling for cover when he has one of his legendary flashbacks and you have a recipe for an entertaining evening of theatre.

Pella audiences reported that they loved the show for the range of emotions it evoked. The play was at once part comedy, thriller, romance, drama and mystery.

Attendance figures for the four show run were:

Thu Apr 10: 66
Fri Apr 11: 105
Sat Apr 12: 88
Sun Apr 13: 118

Next up for USP: Seussical the Musical!

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