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USP Posters Now on Display in the Pella Community Center

USP Show Posters now grace the Pella Community Center hallway.
USP Show Posters now grace the Pella Community Center hallway.

Union Street Players (USP) and the City of Pella anxiously await the installation of new curtains on the stage of the Joan Kuyper Farver Auditorium, but they aren’t the only new attraction to the Pella Community Center. USP recently hung show posters from recent years along the hallway outside of the auditorium. USP Board Member and Central Art Professor, Mat Kelly, has been the community theatre’s graphic artist for several years. Kelly has not only designed posters but has also designed and assisted with the designs of several sets for USP shows (K.O.L.D. Radio, Cheaper by the Dozen, Morning’s at Seven). His posters, along with others, can now be viewed by all visitors to the Community Center.

“We are so appreciative for what Mat has done for us,” said USP President, Tom Vander Well. “We are certainly proud of the quality of shows we’ve been putting on the stage, but we’re equally proud of the quality of everything we’ve been doing off stage as well, and our posters are a big part of that. To have an artist of Mat’s caliber working with us is a huge asset for which we are very grateful.”

USP has been gathering and archiving posters from past shows. Many of the early shows did simple graphics on letter sized paper, which are not generally conducive to reproducing in larger formats. Kelly and the USP Board have been discussing creative ways to showcase and honor the legacy of USP’s history through the display of past show posters.

The Pella Community Center is generally open each weekday during regular business hours. Visitors who would like to see the posters should enter through the south entrance and walk up the first flight of steps. The posters can be seen along the south wall.

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