2012 Night of January 16th

USP Wraps “Night of January 16th”

Union Street Players (USP) wrapped “Night of January 16th” on Sunday afternoon. The courtroom drama provided a lot of fun for audience members, especially those who had the experience of sitting on stage in the jury box and rendering their verdict each night. While there were jury members who were adamant about the guilt of Karen Andre, the verdict at all four performances was “not guilty.” Nevertheless, the twisted tale of scandal and murder provided cast, crew and audiences alike with lively conversation about the case. Many theories and unanswered questions emerged through the run of the show.

Once again, USP was pleased to mix a host of stage veterans with an exciting group of actors making their debuts on the stage of the Joan Kuyper Farver Auditorium including Karl Deakyne, Vicki Hicks, Ashly Kocher, and Mark Schaefer. Cammie Nelson and Denise Gregory, who starred as Defense Attorney Stevens, were fresh from their USP debuts in “A Tinkerman Christmas Eve” this past December.

Attendance for “Night of January 16th” was:
Thu Mar 29: 28
Fri Mar 30: 98
Sat Mar 31: 78
Sun Apr 1: 31
Total: 235

USP now sets sight on this summer’s production of “The Jungle Book.”

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