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Two USP Members in NCT’s “Arsenic and Old Lace!”




by Joseph Kesselring
Production dates: 7:30 p.m., Oct. 7, 8,13, 14 and 15; 2 p.m., Oct. 9
Directed by MaryThompson and Skye Westendorf

Did you know that murder by poison can be hilarious?It is in the case of Arsenicand Old Lace, the black comedy that will invite you overfor a nightcap this October. Mortimer Brewster – a role made famous onfilm by Cary Grant – initially thinks his biggest problem is whether ornot to get married. But that’s nothing when he learns that his brother iscrazy, another relative is crazier yet and his aunts … well, you’reunlikely to meet a sweeter pair of psychopaths! The cast won’t justtickle your funny bones – they might bury them in their basement, too!

Abby Brewster – Judy Richmond
Rev. Harper – Keith Isley
Teddy Brewster – Larry Daft
Officer Brophy – Arvin Van Zante
Officer Klein – Emigdio Lopez-Sanders
Martha Brewster – Katherine Craig
Elaine Harper – Jennifer Esrey
Mortimer Brewster – Kelly Peavey
Mr. Gibbs – John Dougan
Jonathan Brewster – Lonnie Appleby
Dr. Einstein – Scott Schaeffer
Officer O’Hara – John Dougan
Lt. Rooney – Pat Moriarity
Ms. Witherspoon – Julie Schaeffer

Click here for ticketinformation.

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