04 The USP Walk of Fame

Who Should Be on USP’s Walk of Fame?

Walk of Fame Members (L to R) Pat Moriarity, Peggy Moriarity, Shelley Buhrow, Bev Graves, Arvin Van Zante (Not Pictured: Dottie McGee)

It’s time for the Union Street Players Board of Directors to begin consideration of the 2011 Walk of Fame inductee. Started in 2008, the USP Walk of Fame honors individuals who have gone above and beyond in helping USP fulfill its mission. The Board of Directors began the inaugural year with three inductees (Dottie McGee, Pat Moriarity, Arvin Van Zante), then pared it down to two in the second year (Bev Graves, Peggy Moriarity) and one in the third (Shelley Buhrow). The Board plans on inducting a new member of the Walk of Fame at the annual Awards Dinner which is scheduled for September.

The USP Board is seeking the nomination of individuals who have been involved for ten years or more, have contributed in multiple ways (actor, director, stage manager, lighting, sound, set work, Board Member, etc.), and have helped USP further its on-going mission.

To nominate an individual, simply provide the following information in an email sent to info@unionstreetplayers.com or in a letter mailed to USP Walk of Fame, 712 Union St., Pella, IA 50219:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • Name of person you are nominating
  • Explanation of why you think this person should be inducted into the USP Walk of Fame.

To help determining who is eligible, the following Microsoft Excel file contains a historical database of individuals and their roles in various productions and positions on the Board of Directors. There is a drop down menu next to the heading of each field. You can filter your view using the drop down menus to view results by individual.

USP_Historical_Database Published

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