04 The USP Walk of Fame

USP Honors Buhrow at 2010 Awards Dinner

USP Awards Dinner 038

Union Street Players gathered at Monarch’s on the Molengracht last night for their 3rd Annual Award’s Dinner. It was a chance to celebrate the 2009-2010 year and to honor another of USP’s faithful contributors with induction in the USP Walk of Fame.

Current USP President, Tom Vander Well, served as Master of Ceremonies and provided a snapshot of what USP has accomplished in the past year. The group then watched a slideshow of photographs from this past year’s main stage shows (“Little House Christmas at Plum Creek,” “K.O.L.D. Radio, Whitefish Bay,” and “Charlotte’s Web”) played to the strains of “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

The group honored member, Mike Atkins, who passed away this past spring. Vander Well said that he’d considered asking for a moment of silence, but it just wasn’t appropriate for theatre people. “Silence makes us nervous,” he said, “and gives the feeling that someone isn’t picking up their cues.” He then asked those present to stand, raise their glasses in a toast to Atkins with a resounding “Huzzah!”

USP Vice-President, Deb Linn, introduced this year’s inductee to the USP Walk of Fame. She shared Shelley Buhrow’s many contributions to the community theater over the past 23 years including (but not limited to): actor, director, producer, writer, board member, President and Secretary. Buhrow accepted the honor, expressing her appreciation for those in USP who have meant so much to her.

The program ended, but the evening was far from over as those in attendance sat and socialized far into the night.

USP Awards Dinner 036

USP Awards Dinner 003
USP Awards Dinner 007 

USP Awards Dinner 005
USP Awards Dinner 006
USP Awards Dinner 008
USP Awards Dinner 010
USP Awards Dinner 015 
 USP Awards Dinner 017
USP Awards Dinner 022
USP Awards Dinner 023
USP Awards Dinner 032
USP Awards Dinner 040

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