00 News & Updates, 2009 Sound of Music

Photos of rehearsal

For our cast, crew and friends of USP,

Here's a few more photos from our latest rehearsal of "The Sound of Music." Don't forget, tickets are on sale now!


Captain Von Trapp (Spence Ver Meer) encourages the children to sing. Von Trapp children are: Liesl von Trapp: Nicole Vande Zande; Friedrich von Trapp: Joshua Bailey; Louisa von Trapp: Delanie Anderson; Kurt von Trapp: Tyler Rezapour; Briggitta von Trapp: Rachel Peter; Marta von Trapp: Lucy Zylstra; Gretl von Trapp: Tierney Copeland


Our fabulous nun chorus. Beautiful, heavenly music!


The Captain with Louisa.


On her way to the wedding, Maria (Brystal Hopkins) accepts a bouquet from Gretl.


The nuns enjoy a moment of laughter with the Mother Abbess (Jackie Duffy) who is also music director for our performance. Left is Sister Berthe (Jana DeZwarte).

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