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Nominations for the 2009 USP Walk of Fame

Pat & Arvin 101808 LR After 20 years as Pella's community theatre, Union Street Players instituted a Walk of Fame in 2008 to honor those who have been instrumental in USP's on-going success. At the inaugural Walk of Fame Dinner, three honorees were named: Dottie McGee, Pat Moriarity and Arvin Van Zante. It should be noted that Dottie McGee was beginning her battle with cancer at that time and will be presented with her award at this year's dinner.

After the inaugural class, it was the intention of the USP Board and members to name one honoree each year. To be nominated, a person must have been a contributing member of USP for at least ten years, have been active in multiple roles and have helped further USP's on-going mission.

The Board of Directors of USP is taking nominations for consideration in the 2009 Walk of Fame designation. Please fill out and email or mail the nomination form below.

Download 2009 USP Walk of Fame Nomination Form

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