02 Costume Shop

Clean Up Starts at Costume Shop

SNC00055 A special thanks to volunteers to gave their evening to being some much needed clean up and organization at the USP costume shop. In recent weeks, it has been decided that we need to make due with our current location. However, we've launched efforts to expand and organize our current space to make it better for customers and volunteers.

We've made arrangements with our landlord to rent the large furnace room at the south end of the floor. This will give us a tremendous amount of storage and allow us to relieve some congestion in the other rooms. A washer and dryer are being donated to USP, which will be installed in the furnace room and allow us to launder costumes on sight rather than forcing volunteers to take them home. In addition, we're beginning an on-going process to purge the collection of irreparably damaged costumes and improve organization of other sections of the shop.

SNC00059 Volunteers on Monday night included shop manager and USP Walk of Fame member, Dottie McGee. Fellow Walk of Fame Member, Pat Moriarity was also there along with Peggy. Cyndi Atkins, Suzi Jones, Lisa Witzenburg, Tom and Wendy Vander Well also pitched in.

There is a tremendous amount of junk in the furnace room that got piled up for removal. Pat and Tom cleaned up one side of the room so that shelves can be constructed. The ladies tackled our large collection of animal costumes. Masks, hoods, tails. paws, were gathered, matched up, and placed in labled storage bags to they can be easily found. It may sound like a simple task, but there was a lot of work to figure out exactly to which animal different body parts belonged.

USP treated the volunteer crew to pizza. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Another clean-up day is scheduled Saturday, March 14 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

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