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Iowan Seeks Help Sending Children to “Lion King”

Iowa teacher in NY We received an e-mail from Pella resident Kristin Upton referencing an article from the Des Moines Register about an Iowa native who teaching 2nd Grade in the inner city of NY. The teacher is raising money to take her class to "The Lion King" and Kristin is wondering if any USP members would like to contribute.

Here is the DM Register Article.

Kristen wrote in her email:

Did you read the Jennifer Quinn story in John Carlson's article in the Sunday Des Moines Register Metro & Iowa section, February 8, 2009? If you didn't I will email it to you. It talks about a young 1st year second grade teacher from Spencer, IA who is teaching in the inner city in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her dream is to take her second grade class to see "The Lion King" on Broadway on June 21st of this year.  Of course she does not have the means to do this on her own as you will see from reading her article which I will email to this address.

The reason I am writing to you is that I have this hairbrained idea that if enough of us retired teachers, of which I am, or theatre friends, also of which I am, would pull together we might be able to help Jennifer out at least in a small way. We may not be able to completely fill her need but maybe we could help somewhat.? If each one of us would buy one ticket at  $61.50 which is the price quoted in the article, we could help some of her kids.

This play is soul moving! I saw it at the Civic Center last year and I will never be the same person having seen it there. These little children who live in such mean circumstances all their lives must see this little bit of spirit lifting, soul moving music and spectical. Do you think you could help me help Jennifer? I'm still trying to find out how to have the checks made out. I will get back to you on that.

Thank you for any help!


Kristin Upton


You may respond to Kristen directly at kaupton@mchsi.com

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