2008 Cheaper by the Dozen

Rehearsals Begin for “Cheaper by the Dozen”

Cb12readthrullrRehearsals began this past Monday for Union Street Players’ holiday production, Cheaper by the Dozen. Director Anne McCullough Kelly welcomed the cast and production staff to her home for the initial read-through and blocking began on Tuesday night.

Cheaper by the Dozen is based on the true story of Frank Gibreth who pioneered time motion study in the 1920s. Believing that everything could be done faster, more efficiently and more productively, Cb12readthrurlrGilbreth tested his theories in his own home with his 12 children. The play was based on the memiors of his own children. It is a heartwarming story in which an ailing Gilbreth must come to terms with the coming-of-age of his own daughter.

Performances of Cheaper by the Dozen are scheduled for the first weekend of December in conjunction with Pella’s annual Tour of Homes. As a Christmas gift to the community, Union Street Player will reduce the price of all tickets to $5.00.

Please watch www.unionstreetplayers.com and local media outlets to find out when tickets will go on sale!

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