2008 Cheaper by the Dozen, USP Archive

Auditions for “Cheaper by the Dozen” Roll On

Auditions for Union Street Players’ holiday production, Cheaper by the Dozen continued on Monday night. Director Anne McCullough Kelly and her production staff had their hands full as a hallway full of kids turned out to read for the roles of the Gilbreth children. A handful adults also auditioned for the show, which tells the story of an industrial efficiency expert who uses the raising of his twelve children as a continuing experiment.

There is still an opportunity for anyone 10 or older to audition for the heart warming show on Thursday, August 21st from 7 to 9 p.m. Auditions, held at the Pella Community Center, are open to the public and no experience is required. You do not need to bring anything to audition and no preparation is necessary. There are roles for males and females ages 10 through adult.

Some photos from Monday’s auditions:



Cheaper_audition_3_lr Cheaper_audition_4_lr Cheaper_audition_5_lr Cheaper_audition_6_lr


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