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2008 USP Annual Meeting

UsplogoOn Monday, August 11th the annual meeting of Union Street Players was held. Election of the Board of Directors for the 2008-2009 fiscal year was held. The following board members were elected:

President: Tom Vander Well
Vice-President: Jamie Kacur
Secretary: Anne McCullough Kelly
Treasurer: Wendy Vander Well
At-large: Cyndi Atkins
At-large: Doug De Wolf
At-large: Jana De Zwarte

The following recap of our 2007-2008 year was presented by Board President, Tom Vander Well:

Members of Union Street Players,

I want to thank everyone who made this another great year for our community theatre. Here are a few highlights on which we can look back since our last annual meeting:

  • We had 43 members.
  • We received $6,000 in patron support.
  • We produced 3 great main stage shows:
    • Best Christmas Pageant Ever capped our 2007 season.
      • 819 attended
      • profited approximately $1,300
    • The Odd Couple (female version) kicked off our 2008 season.
      • 401 attended
      • Lost approximately $350
    • Pirates of Penzance was our first attempt at this genre.
      • 705 attended
      • Financial report unavailable at this time
  • We produced performance/video of Pella, the City that Wasn’t There for Pella Corporation and was performed before the largest single audience in USP history.
  • The Costume Shop continued to provide economical costume rentals for churches, schools, community organizations and community members.
  • We started the search for a new location for the USP Costume Shop, seriously exploring three properties.
  • We added the ability to take Visa/Mastercard/Discover for tickets and the costume shop.
  • Thanks to Central College, we cleaned out under the stage and cleaned/inventoried the lights.
  • Thanks to Central College, we cleaned out and organized the Costume Shop.
  • We cleaned out and organized our storage shed at Red Door Storage.
  • We purchased power tools and a locking tool cabinet.
  • We purchased coffee makers & added concessions to our February show.
  • We upgraded our programs, adding photos to the bios in our Odd Couple program.
  • We agreed to start a USP Hall of Fame with an annual USP dinner this fall and three initial inductees: Dottie McGee, Pat Moriarity, Arvin Van Zante.
  • Mat Kelly brought his graphic and artistic talents to our posters and publicity.
  • We added a new banner to www.unionstreetplayers.com.
  • We offered a lighting workshop in February.
  • Work on a USP and Costume Shop database continues (Wendy Vander Well).
  • Work on a USP “Director’s Handbook” was started and continues (Tom Vander Well).
  • Work on USP Scrapbook continues (Jamie Kacur).
  • USP minutes and documents organized and archived (Anne McCullough Kelly).
  • We continued our support of Pella Shakespeare Company.
  • Our Script Committee helped us enter 2008-2009 with two shows slated and interest from multiple directors for a third show. In addition, we are already sketching out our 2010 and 2011 seasons.

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