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USP “Cleans Up Our Act”

Usp_shed_cleanup_051008_029On May 10, USP took on a much needed task: cleaning out our storage shed at Red Door Storage. At one time, USP faithful had setup and carefully organized the shed. You can clearly see that shelves were labeled for various props and set pieces. However, our true artistic natures led to years of tossing post-production props into the shed with a "we’ll organize it later" mentality. Things slowly got way out of control. You could barely get into the shed without crawling over props and risking bodily injury.

Special thanks to current USP Board Members, to past President Arvin Van Zante, to Costume Shop Manager Dottie McGee, and to members Mat Kelly and Mark & Nancy Moreland for their assistance. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we were able Usp_shed_cleanup_051008_020to get the shed cleaned out and organized in about five hours. Arvin gave us a lot of great information about the productions from which various props came. Dottie took material for use in costumes. We were also able to donate a generous amount of various materials to Central Art Prof. Mat Kelly for some of Central’s art projects. Mat also helped us get larger set pieces to our semi-trailer storage unit and transport some props to Pella Thrift Store.

The next step will be cleaning out our semi-trailer full of set pieces, but that comes later. One step at a time!

(Top)the crew helps out from left: Dottie McGee, Jamie Kacur, Arvin Van Zante, Nancy Moreand, Mat Kelly, Cyndi Atkins, Mark Moreland, Wendy Vander Well.

(Middle) When all of the "stuff" was pulled out from the shed, it made for quite a pile of interesting theatrical artifacts.

(Bottom) The shed was cleaned up, organized and things set back in place! You can actually walk from the front to the back without having to climb over anything.

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