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Central “Cleans Up” USP!

Central_clean_up_1_2 On Tuesday, April 15, over 20 Central College students and staff took on cleaning, organizing and storage projects for Union Street Players as part of Central’s annual Service Day. Under the direction of Shawn Jensen, a Central College theatre major, a group worked on cleaning the lights used on the Community Center stage. Another group cleaned out all of the wood from under the stage and organizedCentral_clean_up_2_2 it by size as it was placed back in storage.

At the Costume Shop, another group of students and staff worked with Dottie McGee to organize, fold, re-hang, and check costumes for needed repairs. The group finished all of the work in the main costume storage area, and did a little more work in other areas.

Service Day is an annual project for Central College, nearly 800 students, staff andCentral_clean_up_3_3  faculty from Central participated in service projects for non-profit organizations in Pella, Knoxville, Oskaloosa and surrounding


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