2008 The Odd Couple

“The Odd Couple” Ends a Successul Run

The_odd_couple_cast_photo_lr_2The lights went out last night on the Joan Kuyper Farver auditorium stage. In an hour, Olive Madison’s New York apartment was gone. The remnants of her messy apartment were returned to storage, or to their owners. Another successful production is over for Union Street Players.

The show averaged just over 100 audience members per performance which is very typical of a February production. Most importantly, those who came loved the show. The cast received a standing ovation and the Saturday night crowd gave Mark Moreland and Greg May’s Costazuela Brothers an ovation each time they left the stage.

Many thanks to the cast and crew who helped bring the production together. Along with the stellar cast, we had invaluable help from Shawn Jensen, D.C. Felton, Pat Moriarity, Peg Moriarity, Doug DeWolf, Jamie Kacur, Martin Wesseman, and Cheryl De Heer. Thanks also goes out to the many who volunteered to help usher.

USP now takes a "breather" to get some things cleaned up and organized (stay tuned for opportunities to help!). Auditions for The Pirates of Penzance are scheduled for May.

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