2008 The Odd Couple

Friday Night Crowd Swells with Laughter

Union_street_players_suzi_jones_t_3 The Friday night audience filed into the Pella Community Center and we knew there had been good word spreading about what a funny, entertaining show "The Odd Couple" has been. The crowd on Friday night was almost twice as big as opening night. The 154 audience members left few empty seats on the main floor of the auditorium.

Cheesecake and coffee has been a hit, as well. We planned refreshments based on the amount we sold at last year’s production of "Morning’s at Seven". While attendance has been lower than last year’s show, we’ve been going through more food and coffee. People must be hungrier this year!

If they are hungry for laughter, they are getting their fill from The Odd Couple. Cast and crew noticed that Friday night’s audience was a bit slower to respond (compared to the quick laughter of Thursday’s audience), but once the crowd started laughing, they wouldn’t stop. It was like a slow rolling ocean wave that just built and built and built. Actors had to hold their lines all night, waiting for the crowd to stop laughing.

People are having fun, and that’s the main thing. Union Street Player’s mission is fulfilled. Said one audience member on the way out, "Now THAT was an evening of quality theatre!" Another added, "Such a great show AND cheesecake for $6.00. You can’t beat it!!"

Tickets remain for the final two performances, but we are encouraging people to arrive early!

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