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USP Weights Options to Costume Shop Dilemma

For years, Union Street Players has provided the USP Costume Shop as a service to our local community. Schools, churches, community groups, theater troupes and countless individuals have found inexpensive costume rentals for parties and productions. We have been blessed to have the shop at our current location (the northeast corner of the square beneath the Tulip City agency). Ted Zylstra has provided us the space at a very reasonable price.

The late summer rains, however, brought with them numerous water problems. Volunteers have given a lot of time pulling out carpet, scraping carpet backing off the cement floors and moving inventory to avoid damage. While there may be answers to the water problems, the USP board is faced with a larger question of what to do with a growing inventory of costumes in our existing cramped confines.

USP is currently considering our options. The Pella Community CenterCostomeshop1 would be ideal, but there isn’t space available to house the Costume Shop. Discussion has also been generated by the vacancy of the old City Hall building. The building on Main Street has more then enough space, but the building is a historic structure with high renovation costs and an uncertain future.

USP is asking members and those interested for ideas and suggestions as we await word on the what the capital improvements at our current location will cost in rent increase. Please feel free to send your suggestions to

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