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“Best Christmas Pageant Ever” Cast List Announced

This from Steve Hickle, Director of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever":

In order of appearance…

Beth Bradley-Hannah Pickett
Alice Wendleken-India Sarver
Maxine-Kayla Bentz
Charlie Bradley-Payson VandeLune
Bob Bradley-Tim Hall
Grace Bradley-Jamie Kacur
Mrs. Slocum-Lori Pearson
Mrs. Clark-Sally Job
Mrs. McCarthy-Lisa Kay Morgan
Mrs. Armstrong-Cyndi Atkins
Leroy Herdman-Benjamin Atkins
Imogene Herdman-Jana Latchaw
Gladys Herdman-Laura Kleven
Ralph Herdman-Grant Carriker
Ollie Herdman-Jacob Diehl
Claude Herdman-Ridge Kyle McGinley
Elmer Hopkins-Caleb Morgan
Beverly-Isabel Van Wyk
Hobie-Calvin Van Donselaar
David-Zach Van Donselaar
Shirley-Chloe Morgan
Juanita-Jaden Joy Morgan
Doris-Isabelle Hall
Fireman-Thomas Salz
Reverend Hopkins-Randy Icenbice

Claire Anderson
Megan Atkins
Raquel DeGraaf
Victoria Kleven
Natalie Pickett
Sydney Swanson
Calla Van Wyk
Erika Van Wyk
Hanneli Van WykAlexa Zylstra

Shepherds-Jacob Cowman, Cole Morgan

Angels-Jalayna Morgan, Brittany Van Donselaar, Ryan Van Donselaar

The first cast meeting/read through will be next Tuesday at 7:00 in room 201, (the large room across the hall)NOT THE AUDITORIUM!

Thank You to everyone who auditioned and for all your patience. I spent many hours figuring this out and putting it all together. I’m sorry I couldn’t use you all!

Steve Hickle

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