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Call to Help USP Alumni Allison Trotter

This from Jane Boswell:

As most of you know, Allison Trotter has been fighting cancer since early this year. her recovery has been very difficult, and is now in need of financial help. Her employer terminated her job late in July. I believe she will be able to recover and be fully independent as soon as she is once again healthy and can reenter the workforce.

Allison is always first in line when called up upon to help someone. She’s a kind and generous person. I have never seen her in anything but a positive light, throughout this great challenge. I don’t know how she does it, but she does.

Many of you have been very helpful and I know she is very grateful for this. I feel compelled at this time to ask you personally for financial assistance for Allison. Through Allison’s church, Lutheran Church of Hope, we can make a tax deductible, charitable contribution which will ultimately go to Allison.

Your chuck will need to be written to: Lutheran Church of Hope
The memo line must read: "Needy Family Fund"

You can put this check in an envelope along with a note stating this money should go to a person struggling with cancer that has financial issues. Photo copy your check.

I will be glad to deliver your enveloped to the Lutheran Church of Hope myself. I know this is soon, but I hope to gather your responses by Friday, August 3. Otherwise, of course you can do however you see fit in this matter.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity,

Jane Boswell
1888 Harbor Hill Dr.
Pella, Iowa 50219
641-780-9200 cell

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