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Spence Ver Meer and the Mud Monster

Mud_monsterContributed by USP Board Member Spence Ver Meer

The Mud Monster is still loose, people!

Don’t panic, it’s only a legend…we think.

Dark Art Films is a subsidiary of one man’s endeavours to bring light to the subject of paranormal activities in the local area. He has done a lot of research on the subject, and now is attempting to put his knowledge into a television series.

One of the segments he is recreating is the legend of the Mud Monster. Before you dismiss this as bunk, his research has this legend originating in Iowa! In fact, just up the road in the Newton area! Reports from the 30’s to 40’s had something covered in hair and filth rummaging through backyards atSpence_ver_meer_mud_monster night causing general dismay for someone to clean up the next morning. The heads at Dark Art Films put together a script re-enacting something that might have occurred.

I had the fortune of getting one of the parts for this teleplay back in June, and filming occurred the weekend following July 4, in the dead of night. I played one of the policemen first reporting to the 911 call, a damsel in distress seeing a face all covered in hair on her back porch.

After hearing her story, we check the scene out, skeptically. Waiting in the squad car for anything to show up, base gets a number of reports in the area of something out there. We get the “thing” in our flashlight beams later on, but my senses tell me, “If I shoot it, and don’t kill it, then I’m dead, and I doubt I can capture it, and I won’t live it down if I go back to base to tell them what we saw.” So I tell my partner it’s a bear, and state we’re going back to the truck to tell animal control…NOW.

So…as I said…the Mud Monster is STILL LOOSE, people! What if it migrates south?

Anyway, according to Dark Art Films, they are in talks with NBC who owns Sci-Fi Network. Whether anything comes out of it or not is probably against us percentage wise, but I had a great experience, and I am looking forward to the next project they may put together.

1 thought on “Spence Ver Meer and the Mud Monster”

  1. The following e-mail from Steph Salz:
    Wow – what a fun news article!
    Just to share a local folk lore story…….. the Mett’s (is it Metts or Metz) Mudd Man Saga continued to live into the late 70’s or early 80’s because as high school students at PHS we frequently floated on inner tubes down the river under the bridge where this Mudd Man was believed to dwell. One late Summer Sunday evening 15 car loads of Pella high school students traveled to that remote brideg and spent the night camping and waiting for the Mudd Man’s appearance.
    He failed to appear that evening, but later that Fall again a caravan of cars traveled there following a football game – and all cars were attacked and pelted with balls of mud flung by an overly large, very hairy creature – believed to be a male but no one was near enough to determine gender.
    Shrieks and frantic driving followed as everyone returned safely to Pella, although our parents did inquire where all the mud had come from…..
    Kudo’s to Spence!
    Steff Salz


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