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Music Man Cast List Announced

USP is proud to announce the cast list for our summer musical, Music Man. This American classic was the first of our annual main stage musicals ten years ago, and Pati Van Zante is back to reprise her role as director of our Anniversary production.

Below is the Cast List and Production Crew as submitted to by Producer Shelley Buhrow:

Cast List
Harold Hill – Greg May
Marian Paroo – Patty Zylstra
Mrs. Paroo – Deb Linn
Winthrop Paroo – Austin Rozendaal
Amaryllis – Eleanor Witt
Marcellus Washburn – Doug DeWolf
Mayor Shinn – Arvin Van Zante
Eulalie Shinn – Barb Wagner
Ethel Toffelmeyer – Connie Jagau
Zaneeta Shinn – Kristi Van Wyk
Hope Shinn – Alexa Zylstra
Joy Shinn – Claire Anderson
Gracie Shinn – Jazz Van Hemert
Faith Shinn – Isabelle Hall
Tommy Djilas – Ben Palmer
Oliver Hix – Gary Verhoef
Mrs. Hix – Susan Casber
Ewart Dunlop – Karl Ribbens
Mrs. Dunlop – Molly Harthoorn
Olin Britt – Spence Ver Meer
Mrs. Britt – Sara Johnston
Jacie Squires – Robert Uy
Mrs. Squires – Jamie Kacur
Charlie Crowell – Tim Hall
Conductor – Dayrel Gates
Constable – Don Buhrow
Workman/Townsperson – Jim Palmer
Workman/Train – Tommy Salz
Train/Salesman – Bryan Harthoorn
Townsperson/Train – Pat Moriarity
Townsperson – Peggy Moriarity
Farmer/Train – Randy Icenbice
Lead Dancer/Farm Wife – Karen Ryals
Salesman/Townsperson – Steve Hickle
Salesman/Townsperson – Tim Hoekstra
Salesman/Townsperson – Steve Johnston
PALTAL Lady – Jana DeZwarte
PALTAL Lady – Lori Pearson
PALTAL Lady – Sally Job
PartDan – Grant Carriker
PartDan – Holly Reimer
Dancer – Josh Dale
PartDan – Mallory Rykhoek
PartDan/Boyband – Zach Atha
PartDan – Emily Gates
PartDan – Drew Senn
PartDan – Maggie-Anne Landon
PartDan/Boyband – Sam Palmer
PartDan – Elizabeth DeWolf
PartDan – Christina Hibbard
PartDan/Boyband – Jake Anderson
PartDan/Boyband – Tom Palmer
PartDan – Sarah DeWolf
PartDan/Boyband – Matthew Klein
PartDan – Victoria Kleven
PartDan/Townsperson – Megan McCombs
PartDan – Josh Wignall
Wata/Zaneeta/PartDan – Nicole Vande Zande
Dancer/Boyband – Jon Klein
Wata/Zaneeta/Dancer – Hannah Roorda
Wata/Zaneeta/Dancer – Shelby Vander Molen
Wata/Zaneeta/Dancer – Hannah Harthoorn
Wata/Zaneeta/Dancer – Sarah Roorda

Production Crew
Director – Pati Van Zante
Producer – Shelley Buhrow
Choreographer – Kyrsten Klein
Make-Up – Holly DeWolf
Lights/Sound – Tim & Wanda Blount
Stage Manager – Dan Fynaardt
Music Director – Sherman Van Zee
Accompanist – Janice Klein

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