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Rehearsals Well Under Way for Tulip House

Rehearsals are well under way for Union Street PlayersTulip Time Production of Tulip House. Under the direction of Ann Wilkinson, the cast blends a mix of USP veterans (Tom, Wendy & Madison Vander Well) and newcomers (Rachel Wiese & Jason Chohon) from Central Theatre.

Tulip House is the premiere production of a one-act play (50 minutes long or so)
about a California family who agree to take part in a reality TV series
(a la PBS’ 1900 House
) in which they must live as a Pella family in 1935 (the year of the
first Tulip Time). As they experience, first hand, the life of the
family they are portraying they are forced to face their own family

For local audience members, who are usually volunteering for several duties during Tulip Time, USP is performing Tulip House on Wednesday night, May 2 – before Tulip Time officially begins. Our other three performances will be Thu, Fri and Sat (May 3-5) at 4:30 p.m. The show is performed each day of Tulip Time between the afternoon and evening parades.

If you have family and friends who are coming into town for Tulip Time, be sure to suggest that they come and see the show. It’s a great opportunity for Tulip Time visitors to come inside (out of the heat, rain, wind, cold, etc), sit for a while, let those Dutch letters digest, and enjoy the quality live entertainment for which USP is known.

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