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Christmas Post Wrap-Up

It’s amazing how quickly it all ends. The stage is bare, the set destroyed, props are back in storage, the program is filed in the archives, and the show is now a part of our memory. Union Street Players’ production of The Christmas Post ended it’s hugely successful run last Friday and by noon on Saturday the set strike had cleared the stage for the next USP production.

USP Treasurer and Christmas Post producer, Pat Moriarity, reports the following attendance numbers for the popular holiday musical:

Thu Nov 30 – 141
Fri Dec 1 – 175
Sat Dec 2 – 194
Sun Dec 3 – 190
Thu Dec 7 – 182
Fri Dec 8 – 220

Total: 1102


  • 1102 audience members makes The Christmas Post one of the most successful USP shows, perhaps second only to the USP production of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory which, legend tells us, featured a bazillion oompa-loompas who each brought their extended families along with miscellaneous pets and livestock to the show.
  • We may have to dust off and scour the archives a bit, but the attendance for our Sunday matinee is the largest matinee audience in memory for USP show.
  • USP is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to break even with every show, and the successful shows like The Christmas Post help pay for some of the smaller shows that have smaller audiences.
  • Twenty-five percent of our box-office goes to the wonderful hosts of USP’s home stage – The Pella Community Center – for rent and use of the facilities. Any profits will help fund future productions.
  • A total of 93 people enjoyed The Christmas Post through complimentary tickets via radio give-aways or welcome wagon gift tickets.

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