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Morning’s at Seven Audition Notice!

The curtain is just ready to rise on The Christmas Post, but Union Street Players is already making plans for our next show!

Director, Tom Vander Well, will be holding auditions for Morning’s at Seven Dec 20, 21 & 27 in the Pella Community Center (712 Union Street). There are roles for 5 adult women and 4 adult men. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome to audition.

Morning’s at Seven is a wonderful, gut-busting comedy about family relationships and small town life. The four Gibbs sisters have lived together in the same Midwest town their entire lives. In fact, Ida and Cora are neighbors, and the entire play takes place on their back porches and in their back yards.

Their spinster sister, Aaronetta, lives with Cora and her husband, Thor. Everyone suspects that something illicit has been going on between Aaronetta and Thor for years, and there’s plenty of family scuttlebutt on the subject. Nevertheless, no one knows for sure.

Next door, Ida and her neurotic husband, Carl, live with their equally odd adult son, Homer. The middle-aged Homer has never been able to “cut the apron strings” and he has been dating Myrtle for 12 years and engaged to her for 7, though no one has ever actually seen her. The conversation “over the hedge” is filled with suspicion. Maybe the phantom fiancé doesn’t even exist! Suddenly, Homer announces that he’s bringing Myrtle home and the family is abuzz with whispers and speculation regarding this strange turn of events.

The fourth sister, Esther, lives up on the hill with her educated husband, David. The intellectual David looks down the hill, and his nose, on the rest of Esther’s family. Esther’s had enough. She is ready to leave David and move back in with her sisters, but David’s not going to give up that easily!

Sisters. Husbands. Wives. Children. In-laws.
Morning’s at Seven provides us with a side-splitting look in the mirror. USP is proud to produce this humorous study of the family relationships, family gossip and family secrets common to us all.

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