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Audience Response to The Christmas Post


We’re looking for your thoughts, comments and reviews of USP’s holiday musical The Christmas Post. Click on the "comment" link in the footer of this post and let us know what you thought of the performance (e-mail subscribers should click here – you’ll be taken to a permalink of this post complete with footer).

Everyone who posts a comment will be entered in a drawing to win two season tickets to USP’s 2007 season!

Give us your two cents – and you just might win two season tickets!

7 thoughts on “Audience Response to The Christmas Post”

  1. Awesome performance! The cast was very well “cast”. Very professional! One concern/question – don’t understand during curtain call why leads come out before non-speaking parts – in the case of the store workers coming out after the policeman and preacher. Seems like a real let-down for those who have lines. Everything else was great – that just seemed out of place.


  2. Wunderbar! I have heard from two friends from Newton who attended the first performance. The first noted how professional the production is. She said that the cast fit the parts perfectly and everyone seemed so happy and enthusiastic. She also stated how the Christmas Post jumpstarted her Christmas Season on the right “note”. The second, Diane, also expressed her joy at seeing the Christmas Post. She is a theatre buff and appreciates good performances. She said she would have been willing to pay at least $10 for the show. And she absolutely adored the smallest Newsie (but thought all were very talented). A personal big thanks to all I have met through this production! You’re all so kind and fun to work with! Merry Christmas! That’s all you need to say! – Brother Sam


  3. We really enjoyed the performance. A very enthusiastic group of young people really added to the story and our appreciation for how well all of the parts were handled.


  4. We really enjoyed the performance. A very enthusiastic group of young people really added to the story and our appreciation for how well all of the parts were handled.


  5. I’m a newbie to live theater, but came away very impressed.
    The huge case handled the rather smallish stage very well, and used the whole theater to its advantage. The lighting people did a good job of moving the audience’s attention to different places on the stage.
    The movement of action outside to inside the department store was very well done with the revolving door and the revolving windows.
    The actress playing “Mrs. Garfield” displayed an instant likability when she stepped foot onstage. And the newspaper lady was charming.
    The newsies were, by far, the cutest group of kids I’ve ever seen in one location!
    The $5 tickete price was the bargain of the season as far as I was concerned. I expected to pay $10 or $15.
    I’ll be back for future performances.


  6. What a performance! The littlest Newsie is adorable! I was also greatly touched by the scene with Maxwell and Brother Sam. It really hits home the true meaning of the season!
    Please put this on again in future years! P.S. I will gladly pay more than $5 per ticket next time!


  7. Very well done. The casting was superb. We traveled all the way from Council Bluffs to surprise Sherman and were very pleased with getting the bonus of a very professionally done production. I greatly hope that you can continue to do quality productions and keep the price so reasonable. You have a very nice facility and we will gladly make the trip again sometime.


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