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USP Spotlights: Sherm Van Zee

Sherman Van Zee makes his USP debut as Brother Sam in The Christmas Post. Sherm is a native of Prairie City, though he now lives in Newton. He was once a tour guide in Europe and owns Reiswinkel Travel here in Pella. In fact, Sherm once spent the night sleeping "standing up" with other travelers in a phone booth because there was "no room in the inn"! His stage experience has been on Drama Teams in Des Moines and Chicago along with church musicals.

Sherm auditioned for The Christmas Post  as a way of getting involved in the community and says the experience has been "fantastic". It’s a great outlet for taking my mind off other things going on!"

"This has been a fun musical," he adds. "The show really presents the need to ‘simplify’ and get back to the true meaning of Christmas."

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