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USP Spotlights: Colleen Evenhouse

Colleen Evenhouse is Student Staffing Manager at Central College, though she resides in Osky, where she just bought a house. She spends some of her free time coaching volleyball. While in High School, Colleen moved to Pella from the Chicago area – where she got her thespian feet wet in Jr. High productions of Little Mary Sunshine and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (hmmm…Colleen – thinking about reprising your role for USP’s production of Pageant in 2007?). She made a departure from the stage to fill the role of accompanist for the Pella Christian High School production of Hello Dolly and last summer’s popular USP production of The Fantasticks.

Colleen says she had to work up the nerve to actually leave her piano bench and audition to be on stage in The Christmas Post, but she’s glad she did. "I really enjoy being on stage and the people in the show are really fun," she says.

Colleen plays the role of Nadine, a member of the Herzog’s Department Store Staff, who must suffer under the tyrannical rule of an owner who thinks he’s running a ship and a sales manager who only cares about making money.

What you may not know about Colleen is that she worked for a year on a dude ranch in Colorado, and if she were stranded on a desert island and could only have three things with her she would choose flint, a big knife and….chapstick. Hmmmmmm.

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